Think only geniuses are inventors? Think again.


Whitby Central Library

“Kids have amazing ideas on how to solve big challenges. Inventing is part of being human and with the right tools, anyone, at any age can do it.” Alexis Lewis, Teen Inventor

This 5-day action-packed program will inspire young learners to explore inventing using critical design thinking skills, CAD software, 3D printing, robotics, electronics and basic making skills. Throughout the week, we’ll recognize and be inspired by other young inventors who are changing the world with their inventions. We’ll work together to develop an intruder defence system and learn how to code robotics and Arduino microcontrollers to sense, trigger and launch a structure engineered to stop an intruder.

To encourage participation and positive interaction, all participants will be put into working groups based on their age and skill level.


In each of the first 4 mornings participants will learn a new technology:

Day 1 – Introduction design thinking and electronics

Day 2 – Scratch coding and robotics

Day 3 – Arduino micro controllers (electronics and coding)

Day 4 – 3D CAD design and 3D printing


In each of the first 4 afternoons participants will put their knowledge to the test through a series of projects:

Day 1 – Build an electronically triggered trebuchet (catapult)

Day 2 – Develop a surveillance rover prototype

Day 3 – Develop a miniature rocket prototype

Day 4 – Develop an intruder detection and repelling system


Day 5 – The last day will draw inspiration and knowledge from the previous 4 days to design a group project. The morning will consist of planning, designing, and testing multiple prototypes. In the afternoon, we’ll break out into teams and test the inventions!

* The Maker Garden promotes pushing the boundaries of learning by encouraging participants to takes risks with the potential for failure. Through failure we learn, refine and improve. Although failure is a part of life, we can take those moments to learn and develop better strategies and ideas.

Workshop is limited to a maximum 18 participants

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