Introduction to Arduino

Workshop Description

Have you ever wanted to make computers do your bidding? Are you interested in robotics or the Internet of Things? Then welcome to the world of micro-controllers! This course is designed to introduce the novice student to Arduino and how to use a micro-controller to control the world around them.

Students will learn about the Arduino micro-controller and some of the many possibilities they can create using a simple and inexpensive microcontroller setup.

We will cover the basics of Arduino programming and loading a simple bit of code to their controllers. This course is for the novice interested in learning the first basic steps to help them feel comfortable understanding the principles of the hardware and software, opening doors to creativity!

This course is designed for people aged 8 – 80 looking to gain a fundamental understanding to make their own machines.

Skills Covered

Students will learn about what a microcontroller is, and the possibilities of such a device.

Students will learn how to install the Arduino IDE software to their computers in preparation to programming their unit.

For the initial project, students will begin with the basics of connecting a simple LED to the Arduino and controlling it using the open source Arduino IDE software. We will cover the writing some simple code to control and modify the behavior of an LED to make it turn on and blink by modifying a delay interrupt.

Students will learn about creating a variable, understanding the purpose of the void setup, and void loop in a Sketch.

Students will feel confident in their understanding of what a microcontroller is, understand the basics of creating a simple program to control the blinking of an LED using a combination of hardware and software.


This is the first prerequisite course to introduce students to the Arduino micro-controller. This session will give students an overall understanding of what is possible and what they can expect to create using one of these systems. This class will be a 2-hour session and will allow them to get their feet wet. In future classes, we will build on the acquired knowledge gained in this class to create more complex projects, such as a home environment monitor, the Internet of Things (IoT) to control or log data from their devices to/from the internet.

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Target Audience

This beginner course is geared to anyone interested in tinkering with electronics to better understand how they work and how to make their own machines to do their bidding.


This class is the prerequisite for future Arduino classes. It is strongly recommended that students that are not familiar with Arduino micro-controllers or the programming of these devices take this course.

Class Size

Minimum 5 to a Maximum 10

Session Length – 2 Hours

Number of Sessions РThis is one session of multiple classes that can be grouped together

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