Workshop Proposal

Fill the Workshop Proposal Form out once for each workshop you want to propose.
  • Let us know what you’ll need such as a private room, a projector, the availability of certain tools, student-purchased consumables, specific tool training, etc.
  • Please enter a value between .5 and 8.
  • Please let us know what days of the week and times of day you're available to teach this class. Make sure to include specific date guidelines since your class may be considered more than a month after being proposed.
  • The Maker Garden instructors generally charge between $5 and $30 per student hour depending on the experience of the instructor and demand for the class. Instructors will receive up to 50% of all class income that doesn't go to cover the cost of materials.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 30.
    The least number of students for which you would run this class
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 1000.
    The largest number of students the class can handle (remember to take safety and tool availability into account!)
  • Please write a short description for your class to prospective students, for listing on the registration page and other partner sites. Make it clear what the scope of the class is (generally what it will cover), who it's intended for, including suggested ages and why people should be excited to take it. Be sure to use full sentences and describe the class in such a way that it sounds appealing to your intended audience!
  • Please list the skills or outcomes that students should expect to leave the class with. This might be a list of tools students will learn to operate, processes like project management or brand development, and any concrete outcomes like "approximate 12x8x18 inch, 3 level Purple Martin birdhouse of your design".
  • Who is this class designed for? (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/All Levels, artists looking for engineering skills, vice versa, all of the above, etc.)
  • Please describe briefly how you plan on organizing your material (per session for multi-session classes, or per section for 1-day workshops.)
  • Please identify any necessary prior courses or knowledge (examples: "Must have already taken basic woodshop safety at “The Maker Garden" or "Students must have some prior milling experience."). If there are no prerequisites, list "None."
  • List anything students or attendees should bring with them. For example this could include an Arduino kit. If you would like we can build kits specifically for your class needs. Other items may inlcude, materials that they are expected to provide, specific clothing appropriate for the class activity, ideas, etc. If students need to purchase any materials on their own, list items needed plus estimated costs, and if applicable, locations where students can purchase them.
  • Please give us a brief bio, with an emphasis on skills and experience immediately relevant to the content of this workshop.

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