From painting to digital modeling to woodworking, ‘making’ is the act of creating something. It’s been around forever and it’s nothing new, yet people cannot stop talking about it.

Kids and adults crave and need opportunities to explore their imaginations and creativity. We believe a good making experience develops people by helping them become sensitive to good design. Making is about more than hands-on learning. It’s about thinking, problem solving and exercising the brain. It’s about people creating things they can collaborate and share with their peers and community. It’s about craftsmanship.

Kids have a natural gift for exploration and experimentation and, as adults, some of us lose this  inclination as we get older. Design thinking is key to grasping science, technology, engineering, art and math skills (STEAM). We encourage design thinking to foster our natural desire to ‘make’. By doing this early, children learn from their failures as well as successes. By doing it later, adults can get this natural curiosity back.

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