Video Editing

Workshop Description

Do you have a wedding coming up or celebrating a special anniversary ? Would you like to put your treasured memories together into a keepsake for your family or friends? Learn to take your cellphone or video footage or special pictures together and edit them into professional looking movies. Learn how to add music and titles and correctly piece them together into a video to share with your friends or family or even become the next Martin Scorsese!

Skills Covered

This course will introduce students to video editing basics such as cuts and transitions, adding titles and music to their videos. Students will learn how to create a sequence of shots that work well together, to create seamless sequences while avoiding the pitfalls that many amateurs make. This course will teach students the process of non-linear editing using DaVinci Resolve, a state-of-the-art professional non-linear editing software available online for free. These lessons will cover the fundamentals of loading and organizing footage, creating in/out edit points to trim their sequences down. We will learn about editing to music, adding transitions and titles or text overlays to enhance their videos. The techniques and terminology learned in this course will easily transfer to many other video editing software packages such as Adobe Premiere.


This is a multi-session class that will consist of 3 classes. The first session will introduce the students to the program interface and terminology. We will also look at loading and organizing our footage. Students will learn how to piece together their footage on the timeline and adjust their sequences into a cohesive shot list. In subsequent sessions, students will build on their initial editing by learning about different types of transitions, wipes, and titling. We will also cover adding background music and layering of sound to work with their videos.

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Target Audience

This course was developed with the novice in mind. If you have some computer skills and would like to learn how to use a video editing program to create movies from your stock footage, then this course is for you.  Ages 12 and up.


Students should have a basic understanding of computers, and working with the Windows file system such as how to copy and transfer files.

Class Size

Minimum 6 to a Maximum 12

Session Length – 2 Hours

Number of Sessions – 3

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