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Introduction to Arduino

Have you ever want to make computers do your bidding? Are you interested in robotics or the Internet of Things? Then welcome to the world of micro-controllers! This course is designed to introduce the novice student to Arduino and how to use a micro-controller to control the world around them.


Digital Photo Restoration

Have you ever wanted to learn how to restore or repair a photo? Want to remove that old boyfriend/girlfriend or Red Eye from your photos? Do you have an old photograph that is damaged and requires some TLC to bring it back to it’s former self? Then this course is for you to learn how to professionally touchup and restore photographs.


3D Modeling for Kids (Minecraft)

Does your child play Minecraft? Would you like them to learn how to create their own 3D models for their worlds, rather than just play the game?

This course is designed to teach kids how to express their creativity by developing their own 3D assets using a free software called TinkerCAD.


Entrepreneurship Skills

Do you own your own business? Would you like to make your own assets for all your social media channels, business cards and more? Then this is the class for you! This course is designed with the entrepreneur in mind. If you are looking to produce your own graphics for your company’s promotional material, this course will prepare you to create material for both print or screen output.


Video Editing

Do you have a wedding coming up or celebrating a special anniversary ? Would you like to put your treasured memories together into a keepsake for your family or friends? Learn to take your cell phone or video footage or special pictures together and edit them into professional looking movies. Learn how to add music and titles and correctly piece them together into a video to share with your friends or family or even become the next Martin Scorsese!


Basic 3D Design

Participants will learn about basic principles of 3D modeling in a series of tutorials that will help you turn your ideas into reality. The workshop will teach you the basics of 3D modeling and printing, converting images to 3D models, and critical basic concepts in computer aided design (CAD), including extrusion, scaling, mesh, water tight, and even interlocking parts.

Getting the most out of your 3D Printer

Many people today buy a 3D printer, bring it home and begin printing downloaded models from online. After printing a number of projects from websites the novelty wears off due to failed prints and a host of other reasons. The printer then sits idle. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to best utilize your printer and improve print outcomes. Attendees are invited to participate, and are encouraged to bring in examples of failed prints.

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