The Maker Garden is an inclusive, innovative and inspiring community of individuals that share. We share our stories, experiences and ideas in an open and collaborative environment with the goal of growing creators and inspiring change.

Our vision is to grow and develop a prosperous community through social and experimental learning.

Our mission is to provide a safe, open and collaborative space to empower makers to create, learn and grow.

Our values include integrity, trust, respect, active listening & understanding.

Goal 1 – Continually listen and improve everything we do

  • To continuously listen to our community about the programs and services we offer.
  • Develop and create active and inspiring learning environments
  • Demonstrate a type of thinking that cultivates self improvement

Goal 2 – Create a transformative space that cultivates a learning charged environment

  • Promote a space that attracts and retains inspiring and talented staff that are committed to an engaging community
  • Create and maintain a welcoming, easy to use and inspiring physical spaces
  • Select and develop materials, resources and programs that inspire, challenge and educate.
  • Engage our community with unique learning opportunities

Goal 3 – Invest in community and partner relationships to further our mission

  • Define partnership-based needs that are essential to transforming information into usable knowledge
  • Identify potential formal and informal community relationships and partnerships
  • Develop relationships/partnerships through tours, social gatherings and special programs

Goal 4 – To be responsible and prudent stewards of the organizational, financial and structural resources

  • Continuously improve communication, collaboration and teamwork through cross training, regular meetings across all departments
  • Hire, recruit, develop and maintain a workforce that can effectively inspire and help our community transform information into usable knowledge
  • Develop and deliver staff training that emphasizes teamwork, active understanding, active listening and professionalism
  • Collect and review community feedback through surveys, focus groups, correspondence in order to support our decision making
  • Manage and allocate financial resources to ensure world-class programs and facilities that are sustainable and ensure resources are being used to meet the needs of the community.

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