At the Future Design School, disrupting the tenets of traditional classroom education is a thriving new business model.

Now a year old, FDS develops programs to transmit the gospel of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the elementary- and secondary-school systems. “We’re focused on empowering the next generation to solve the world’s most pressing problems,” explains FDS director of education Sandra Nagy.

It’s no small ambition, but neither is the opportunity any small thing. “Our goal is to get this type of programming to every teacher in North America,” Nagy adds.

Elementary and middle school provide the ideal setting in which to build creative, problem-solving skills, according to the FDS philosophy. But it’s also the place where what Nagy calls “divergent thinking” slowly yields to creeping conformism. “We feel that they do an amazing job in kindergarten, so how can we create that sandbox for learning that allows them to keep being curious and resourceful and mindful of how they can help the world?” she asks.

Creativity is as valuable as numeracy and literacy in the FDS program. “We know that, if we think about changing the world, we need to focus on developing kids’ creativity and ingenuity,” Nagy says.

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