Below are the most popular questions we receive about being an instructor with The Maker Garden. If you don’t see an answer to your question(s) please send us a note and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.




Why should I become an instructor at The Maker Garden?

Facilitating a Making workshop involves encouraging people and gives them the confidence to Make and see themselves as creators and inventors – as Makers! Your role involves facilitating workshops, including hot to use tools safely and effectively. Facilitators not only help the community, but have fun learning alongside participants. Plus you’ll meet some terrific like-minded people from your community!

Can I set my own workshop time and schedule?

TMG will work with you to find the times that best suit you and potential participants, without conflicting with other planned workshop. We can also offer advice and insight into what has worked well in the past.

How much do I get paid?

Facilitators can expect to earn up to half of the workshop tuition. That amount depends on enrolment, the type of workshop being offered, as well as the cost to run the workshop.

Facilitators can also offer private lessons when space is available. You can set your own rates, but we request 25% of the revenue for the use of our facilities and we work with you to ensure access to the shop area for other members.

Would I have help marketing my workshop?

We provide marketing via our social media channels, blog website, email newsletters, and partner websites. However, facilitators who seek to increase enrolment for their workshops with their own marketing can expect to be compensated more (see question: How much do I get paid?)

Since some of the instructions involve dangerous equipment, is my liability protected?

Our waivers and insurance indemnify your actions: so long as you are not acting in gross negligence, you will be protected. The Maker Garden has general liability insurance, which insures persons acting as facilitators, consultants and employees. If you would like to provide instruction under a company, or corporate umbrella, we will ask that you obtain, or provide proof of, your own general liability insurance and name The Maker Garden as additionally insured.

What if I want to facilitate something unrelated to Making or fabricating?

Tell us about your idea!

What if I want to instruct for free?

If you want to offer free instruction to your friends or community members, we welcome any support from our membership! Feel free to offer help to anyone in the shop. Non-members will have to pay for a membership to cover their entry and use of the shop space and tools.

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