Digital Photo Restoration

Workshop Description

Have you ever wanted to learn how to restore or repair a photo? Want to remove that old boyfriend/girlfriend or Red Eye from your photos? Do you have an old photograph that is damaged and requires some TLC to bring it back to it’s former self? Then this course is for you to learn how to professionally touchup and restore photographs.

Skills Covered

Students will learn how to us a scanner to import a physical photograph into a digital form they can then manipulate.

Students will be shown how to digitally modify and repair worn pictures using free software available online.

The skills students will learn will be transferable to many free or commercial available photo manipulating software packages.

Students will learn a variety of tools to manipulate an image, which will include using the lasso tool to define the area that they wish to repair, the clone tool, brush shape and opacity settings to help patch areas of a photo using a variety of techniques .

Students will learn how to colour correct and modify levels to achieve better image quality.

Students should feel comfortable using the tools shown in class to achieve professional looking results.


This class will be a single session that will include the necessary skills for touching up and repairing photos. Students will learn how to correctly import images at a suitable resolution from a scanner for manipulation.

Students will learn how to assess the damage they wish to correct and various techniques they can use to repair the damaged areas.

The students will learn to modify contrast levels to achieve a better end result.

We will look at the various brushes to use and where they might be better suited for manipulating photos.

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Target Audience

This course is designed for people interested in learning how to modify and manipulate digital photos with the focus on photographic repair. This is an Intermediate level class with students having some knowledge of photo manipulation software, such as Photoshop or other similar packages.


Some prior knowledge of photo manipulation software is beneficial but not required. As this course is designed specifically for photo manipulation and touch up and will cover all the required tools for this purpose.

Class Size

Minimum 6 to a Maximum 12

Session Length – 3 Hours

Number of Sessions – 1

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