Chiklit Art is “...funny, whimsical ... and prints appeal to both children and parents alike ... [they are] the perfect addition to your little one’s room, though you might wish it was in yours!”  Blush

“Lisa Riley is a fantastic artist, and owner of Chiklit Art & Design, specializing in kids' art!” Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club

“If you’re looking for some art to brighten up your kids rooms you should definitely check out Chiklit for super cute child-focused artwork.” Vancouver Mom

“As Babyologists, we don’t tend to just slap a print or painting onto the walls of our children’s bedrooms ... Here comes Chiklit Art & Design, ready to deliver with thought-provoking and interesting pieces of artwork that bring a smile to our faces and a giggle to our little ones.” Babyology

“ ... Paintings brimming with glee” YoKiddo, via Babyology

“Showing children that it’s okay to stand apart from the crowd, this adorable print titled “Black Sheep” is the perfect addition to your little one’s room.”  Blush

“The animals are fun, drawn in a caricature style, but still very recognizable for the kids! I like that it's simple - not too busy, in fact just right for kids! “ Glimpse

“Lisa Riley was voted a semi-finalist in the Top Mompreneurs 2010 contest, hosted by MOMpreneur® Magazine

Lisa Riley is Blush Featured Mom Entrepreneur Blush

“... [Rollie Friends] are a great exercise for practicing cutting a variety of shapes and lines without realizing it! Glimpse

“Coloring pages come to life in Lisa Riley’s latest eBook, Rollie Paper Friends, which allows children to print their templates, color them any way they want, and then construct their creations into the most adorable animal crafts around.

This exclusive eBook is the perfect choice for busy parents who are short on time and are always watching their budget, but still want to spend quality creative time with their children.”

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Lovey Portraits:

“Loveys do come and go, sadly, and eventually bear is going to be so worn out, he might cease to exist! :( But the Lovey Portrait will provide a testament to the love and comfort bear has provided over the years!”

Creative Memento:

“This is a lovely solution to the problem of what to do with your child's artwork. ... Are you looking for a very special gift for a special someone? This could make a great present for the creator of the art, or for a parent or grandparent!!” Read more on Glimpse