My wife was looking for a new desk. Her needs were specific to her day job and her side business, painting. She was looking for something to set her desktop computer on, an area to stand and work from a laptop, a section for her canvasses, as well as spots to hold misc items including paint brushes and jars.,

I wanted to keep cost low and have a contemporary look.

I used 2, 4’x8′, 3/4″ Birch veneer plywood from a local lumber supply store. To make it more interesting I didn’t want to use any screws or nails so decided to make the pieces fit together like a puzzle.

I drew out each section directly onto the sheets of plywood and began cutting. The most difficult part to cut were the negative slots. These needed to be exact, as the positive pieces would need to fit tight, without gaps. I used a template to mark out these cuts and allowed for excess to be removed through sanding. Although time-consuming due to the sanding needed, this worked well and I was able to insert the positive cuts into the negative slots to get the tight fit I needed.

I kept the wood unstained and applied 5 coats of a flat polyurethane finish, making sure to let the pieces dry for 24 hours and wet sand between coats.

The net result is a desk my wife loves and uses every day.


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