3D Modeling for Kids (Minecraft)

Workshop Description

Does your child play Minecraft? Would you like them to learn how to create their own 3D models for their worlds, rather than just play the game?

This course is designed to teach kids how to express their creativity by developing their own 3D assets using a free software called TinkerCAD.

Skills Covered

Students will learn how to create 3D model assets that they can import into their own Minecraft worlds. Students will learn how to construct complex 3D models using geometric forms allowing them to develop their elements for their game. This course will show students how to use more advanced tools in TinkerCAD allowing them to construct buildings or other assets quickly and easily. Students will learn about the various built-in geometry that can be used together to create complex forms as well as how to assign colours that denote different Minecraft materials.

Students will learn to export their creations from TinkerCAD and import them into a world editor in preparation for loading them into their game world.


This is a single session that will cover the specifics to creating models in TinkerCAD and exporting to Minecraft.

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Target Audience

This class is an intermediate level course aimed at children that enjoy playing Minecraft, but also want to creating their own worlds using free tools available online.


Introduction to TinkerCAD is highly recommended

Class Size

Minimum 6 to a Maximum 12

Session Length – 3 Hours

Number of Sessions РThis is one session of multiple classes that can be grouped together

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